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Looking to make a change to your life? Perhaps you are seeking greater purpose, have a passion to follow or wish to make a switch in your career path. Many people when faced with similar life and career changes find themselves procrastinating, stuck in today without being able to see the first steps into a new tomorrow.

It can be a time of frustrating, being pushed and pulled between motivations and fears, successes and failures, unknowns and social pressures.

This is where I come in. My belief is that you need a coach. One who is pragmatic, compassionate and brimming with energy to enable you to stretch to your life, in the ways you desire.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Sarae Pratt. I’ve got 10+ years as both a life coach and career coach, having worked in several Learning & Development roles across Europe whilst completing numerous courses, programmes and qualifications. Now, I run b-elastic, my own business, specifically to work with people like you. I draw from a wide range of techniques, tools and experiences to meet your specific challenge, ambition and hopes.

It’s been said I’ve got a knack of getting to the heart of things with a few carefully posed questions and observations as well as an ability to see things from different perspectives, often previously unthought of by my clients. I bring my natural curiosity and keen sense of inquiry to uncover, action and help you achieve your goals and passions. My personal genuine empathy, creativity and tenacity with my upbeat style, energy and passion make me a unique coach to work with.

Also I’m a leadership, management and skills trainer on organisations’ top talent programmes, development centres and employee development events. Combining my training and coaching passions after a back injury, since 2008 I’ve been an Advanced Pilates Instructor with a focus on building function fitness and body awareness to my diverse students.

Ready to get started? Use the Quick Jumps to each service or drop me a line telling me a little of what you are wanting to do.

Want to know more? Read what my clients say or see my professional profile on LinkedIn.

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