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what clients say

I’m delighted to share a few of my client’s feedback on how they found working with me and the results they achieved! I’m so proud of them!

Rebecca Fitzgerald, budding Marketeer and Career Changer

I felt like I was stuck in a particular role which I was fed up of and dreaded coming into work. It was such an energy draining slog day-to-day. I couldn’t decide what to do and was worried that whatever career path I chose would be the wrong one.

Any kind of big change can seem scary, but it’s always more daunting thinking about it than actually doing it.

Working with Sarae has given me a fresh perspective on my life – not just the career but bigger picture. I feel more confident than before and better equipped to tackle certain problems. Sarae’s upbeat attitude combined with practical advice meant that she was always a pleasure to work with. Thank you Sarae!

Karthik Suresh, Global Programme Manager and Career Changer

I read about Sarae on Facebook. At that point, I was struggling with a few things, but most importantly I was looking for some help with my career, which wasn’t progressing as I had expected it to. I was a bit apprehensive since I didn’t know her or the work she had done. Sarae’s linkedin profile was comprehensive and that gave me some confidence.

Now after the sessions with Sarae, I do think that it was a good decision. These sessions helped me lay out a few possible options I could consider and I have clarity on the issues I was confused earlier.

What I admired about Sarae is that she let me decide the topics of the sessions, while she made sure that they stayed relevant to the main goal. I found it very easy to share whatever the issues were, because she wasn’t quick to jump to conclusions or to state an opinion. I never noticed her looking at the clock either. She would carefully listen, ask questions and discuss my issues. The questions made me think harder and that helped in getting to the root cause of the issue rather than finding a superficial short term solution.

At the moment, I am working on some conclusions we arrived at during the sessions and I am hoping the outcome would be in my favour.

Farah Siddiqui-Borland, Founder at Goodnessgorgeousme and Life Changer

I was feeling really stuck, at a crossroads in my professional life. I had a couple of good options as far a I could see and was looking for a coach who could give me value, and could relate, coming from a similar background, so there was empathy there too. I chose Sarae immediately.

I felt listened to, the whirring in my head subsided. I’m so pleased she didn’t ask the same old boring coaching questions which infuriate! It was like a meaningful chat, she was knowledgable, a breath of fresh air as far as coaching goes, and recommended further helpful information to help me after our session and I felt like she genuinely cared. I felt so much better and am now more confident I will make the best choice for the right reasons.

Thank you so much Sarae!

Dr Irina Volkonskaia – Consultant Forensic  Psychiatrist and Life Changer

I have been attending Sarae Pratt’s Pilates class in Physio in the City for more than three years and consider it enormously beneficial for my health.  I was surprised by what I achieved within the first months and noticed that my shape, posture and walk changed for the better when I built up my core strength while my muscles became leaner.

Sarae’s classes are well planned and flowing; however she manages to pay attention to our specific individual needs. In addition to her deep knowledge of Pilates’ technique, which she regularly updates on, she has great people skills and an amazing ability to make students work hard as well as enjoy the class. She has helped me to stay motivated for years.

I would definitely recommend her classes to people who are looking for effective ways to release the tension of a working week and get rid of acute and chronic skeletomuscular pain.

Lara Berkowitz – Executive Director and Life Changer

 I love Sarae Pratt and her Pilates class! I was referred by a physiotherapist to Pilates for post-natal exercise and was dreading it. I had taken large gym Pilates classes before and found that I wasn’t able to understand what the teacher was explaining and wasn’t getting the most out of the exercises, which struck me as boring and confusing.

But then I was lucky enough to find Sarae’s class, which is small with loads of personal attention. She really knows how to explain the concepts. I finally found my core! Plus she has a great sense of humour and makes the classes fun.

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