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Regardless of the way you work with me, you will get results combined with new skills or knowledge to continue your success. I have a natural ability of building trust and rapport, establishing an environment where creative and meaningful learning can take place and bring a sense of energy and positivity to all things. I strive for the highest standards and what’s best for you.

For individuals: I create a tailored bespoke programme to enable you to achieve a goal, change a habit or begin a new direction through Life Coaching and Career Coaching.

For organisations: Aligned to strategy, cultural change programmes or organisational restructuring, I work in collaboration with you to resolve organisational, functional or team needs such as employee skill sets, behaviours and performance. I have run roadshows, away days, lunchtime sessions and development centres to meet my clients’ needs and build your participants’ abilities.

You can get more details on the b-coachb-train and b-Pilates pages.Sarae - scarf


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