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“Join the what?” I hear you cry. Whilst I work with clients as a Coach, Trainer or Pilates Instructor, I also want to share with you, for free, some good stuff to help you stretch your life.

By subscribing to b-mails, you’ll get quick and easy to apply tips, tools or “a-ha!” generator that I use in my work and life or I’ve learned on my travels, education or from my wonderful network of inspiring people. You might get a mini download, an audio, video or an interview with someone I rate and think you’ll love too.

Most of all, I want to begin a conversation with you – what’s the big issue you want my help with? Is there a hot topic you’d like a new perspective on? Or perhaps you have something to share with us? Drop me a line, add a comment below, on the Facebook page or tweet me: seriously I’m all ears.

FYI I use a double opt-in. (I know another “the what?” right?). Once you fill in your details, you’ll get an email straight back to ask you to confirm in one click that it was you who asked to join. Why bother with this step? I want to be known for my great work and personality, not for spamming unsuspecting people with b-mails 🙂

Ready to do it? Go on, you know you want to. Fill in the weekly b-mail sign-up box in the right hand sidebar and watch out for your first b-mail!

Top Tips: in your browser/email tool, allow images and add my mail to your safe senders/not junk list to make sure you get your b-mail in all its glory.

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