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hello 2014!

Starting 2014 with a long list of wonderful, exciting things to achieve? Wondering where to start? As the poster says

Keep calm and b-elastic

I’ve created a single page round-up of some the best 2013 b-mails – these should give you some material, tools or techniques to get you started.

If you can’t find your answer, post your question or query in the comments or drop me a note on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll make sure it becomes a topic for a 2014 b-mail. Or if you need my help as a coach, trainer or Pilates Instructor – get in touch 🙂

So in no particular order, here’s the b-mails. Enjoy!

what’s your big picture? – a small technique to uncover what really matters to you

not all it seems – Pilates can do more than you think

lost your voice – adding your purpose to your message for better comms

hello I’m….erm….. – build your personality into your personal introduction

bingo – tone your arms and shoulders with 3 quick Pilates based exercises

out of inspiration – need some motivation?

authentic you – define your authenticity

smell the roses – gratitude for what we have + free download!

bump in the night – ghoulish self talk

comfortably uncomfortable – handling change with more ease

tomato, tomarto – managing naysayers and critics

work tension – deal with stress and strain

saying no – make space for change

move it, move it – align body and mind for peak performance

stay or go – making decisions holistically

speed of change – tortoise or hare, you choose

And of course, our four parter on making 2014 your best year yet:

get ready for 2014 PLUS 3 bonus downloads!

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