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When I was at school, I was good at maths, science, German and Geography. Our school career advice used a questionnaire that diagnosed me with a future in teaching, Volcanology or being a Navigator in a plane.

So I ploughed on with maths, physics and German – I enjoyed the challenge of exploring different routes and solving challenges in all three. I got a first degree from a great uni with wonderful life and work experience overseas. I began applying and interviewing for jobs in the sector.

Then I got the itch. You know the one I mean. That sensation of something not being quite right. Something out of sync.

How am I going to do this for the next 40+ years?

At the same time, I was elected to my Students Union’s executive committee to lead our student welfare services and spend 2 years working my butt off to facilitate change for all students in the South West. I got exposed to some fabulous training and work cultures plus the right person gave me some sage advice that helped me refocus on what I was really good at. I began the requalification process to move into a career working with others to reach their full potential.

And I love it.

I’ve loved debating with detail junkies. I’ve loved making the unwilling flip their view point and come on-board with new ideas. I’ve loved seeing people’s confidence and performance soar.

Only the itch arrived again. This time, it came with a heap more baggage – I got bills to pay, a reputation to maintain, a partner to support, and so on. Oh and then add in the social pressure. Family. Friends. Colleagues.

Again, the right person popped up and shared their experiences of career transition with me. Slowly, I began a stealthy move to realign my work again, to add greater balance with my personal interests and expand the opportunities before me.

Once I’d achieved a bit of success, I was able to become more vocal with those closest to me about the bigger ambitions I had and today, I work for myself in an evolving business. One that utilises my passions for exploration and solution finding. One that utilises my strengths to enable others to move ahead with stretching in their lives. One that can help you find passion and transition into a new way of being and doing.

I say that not because I’m trying to get salesy with you. But because I know it was having the right person on my journey that propelled me leaps ahead.

Working with me can be free – you get b-mails each week and lots more on my social media profiles (Hey are you missing out? Click here for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, depending on what floats your boat). I run workshops and training days alongside b-more, my coworking entrepreneurial community. I also coach 1:2:1 on career and life stretches.

Looking ahead, I’m looking to bridge the gap in my free to more expensive services with a set of group programmes…..watch this space!!

In the meanwhile, when have you felt your passion disappear and how did you re-find it?

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