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time for a change?

The summer holidays are over. It’s back to school time and the annual cycle starts again. Ok so school wasn’t optional or particularly tailorable to our individual needs, but life is.

What cycle are you rolling round? How’s it working for you? All good. Great. Keep going and achieve brilliant things. Oh. Not that sure?

Time for a change?

OK, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. Let’s break it down and see where the rub might be coming from and what you can do to resolve it.

If you are feeling constantly fatigued, catching every bug going or unable to focus – see a doctor. Book a mini health MOT, get some bloods tested against kidney and liver functions, iron levels, diabetes, hormone levels and so on. Be guided by your doctor’s expertise – definitely a time for change.

Assuming your health and well being gets the green light, where next to look. Ask yourself:

  • when you wake up and think about the day ahead, do you want to stay under the duvet?
  • on your way to wherever, do your limbs and stomach feel heavy?
  • when busy, can you focus and pour your energy into what you’re doing?
  • does time pass sloooooowly?
  • rather than get on with things or people, do you tend to avoid them or procrastinate?

Got a “yes” to any of these, then it’s time for a change. But how?

First things first – the short term patch

Which part of your life is currently the most draining for you? List down all your potential “quick fix” solutions – logical, emotional, physical, just plain crazy. It’s all valid in idea generation. Now take one and do it. Live with your fix and its ripple effect for a while. (Or try a couple – just give them a chance to deliver).

Room for seconds

If your first things worked, great. If you’re a bit better, yet not quite all the way there – it’s time for a change. Only this time, no small quick fixes. We need to work on the big ones.

Consider the ripples. Where or when are you still getting that “stuck” sensation? Pinpointing this can help you draw better conclusions and awareness of the change you need at a deeper level. Then cast your nets far and wide – research your options, trial new behaviours or ways of doing things, meet people doing what you’re looking at, conduct an experiment, put out a survey.

Move ahead by finding the right advisors, teachers, mentors and safety nets. Let me give you an example.

One of my clients was looking to branch out into a new direction after years in a role and organisation where she was well respected and well rewarded in a lovely team of people. Each morning, she wished for a duvet day, the office to burn down or a terrible illness to keep her away from work. The sense of purpose, challenge and love for her work had gone. In fact, she wasn’t sure it had ever been there. Only now it was leaking into other areas of her life – her relations were tense; downtime wasn’t relaxing but rather a chance to be negative about her life; fun was no long fun.

Her “first things first” was to recognise her responsibilities to pay the bills and deliver good work – to do this and feel better about it, she set up mini treats throughout the day or at the end of the day. For example, getting her nails done or reading a book in the park. A little self care goes a long way.

Seconds came in the form of a mixture of Internet and real life in-depth research. Together we worked through her VIA and MBTI reports as well as looking at strengths-finding coaching. This gave several longer term career shift options. Using her holiday, she took 3 short internships alongside attending events in her potential new industries.

A new CV, LinkedIn profile and haircut later, came the new job. Now she leaps out of bed. Even on rainy days.

How might life look, feel and be if now is the time for change? What’s your “first things first” action to get you moving? Can we help? Tell us in the comments.

Drop me a line if you’re sure where or how to start: I’m currently taking on coaching clients for late September/early October starts.  Can’t afford one to one support? Please still get in touch and we can look at a group programme.

It may be scary realising it’s time for a change. Be bold and be brave, my friend.

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