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In the strengths series, I shared a number of different ways of discovering, growing and utilising your strengths. (Check them out here – part 1, part 2 and part 3) I’ve got one more new shiny tool to share with you – I’ve used it with a couple of clients and coaching peers recently and it’s getting great results with lots of “lightbulb” moments.

Have you ever been asked “When are you at your best?”. If so, how did you answer it? Could you answer it authentically? Or did you give a response that you thought the questioner would approve of or like?

Perhaps you’re looking to express yourself in your biography, online profiles or branding more clearly? Or you want to develop a balanced work/life aligned to being the best you, but not sure where to start?

Are you part of a team struggling to move ahead or find the best ways of working together?

At my best cardsMay I introduce to you the “at my best” card deck. 48 cards put together by Work Positive, a positive psychology consultancy; having researched and validated their approach across fellow psychologists and conducted regional tests with volunteers, these lovely cards were born.

They are double-sided; an image on one side and a word on the other. No definitions, no explorations, no directions.

I’m finding clients struggle to keep their hands off the cards – somehow they have this magical attraction. I love the exercise suggestions from Work Positive on using the cards and find a few simple open questions get the ball rolling.

And using both sides of the cards enables us to draw upon how the images and words speak or have meaning to us.

My expression of “flexible” or my interpretation of the cute puppy image might be different to yours. That’s ok and for me as a coach, that’s the joy of these cards – they draw from you, words, images, memories, experiences and more that speak to you being at your best from all aspects of your life.

Whether used with a team or in one-to-one or group coaching, these cards provide a basis, a language and a safe way to create your authentic “at my best” response. Results I’ve seen include more engaging, compelling copy on entrepreneurs’ websites, job offers received and teams increased their awareness and appreciation of others. With every use of the “at my best” cards, energy levels rise, smiles emerge and shoulders open out as confidence and motivation grows.

Where could you use great confidence, motivation, clarity and inspiration in your life, career or business? Shout ’em out in the comments – I’d especially like to hear how you’d use this new info?

I’d love to help you achieve all of those things using these brilliant cards – take advantage of my introductory offer for a 15 minute Skype initial consult and 60 minute coaching face to face session in London for only £80(inc VAT). Hop over to drop me a short note on the challenge you’d like to apply your “at my best” to and we’ll get started!

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