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what’s holding you back

I began b-elastic to inspire, encourage and support people, like you, who want to change the rest of their lives into something more meaningful, purposeful and happy. I’d worked within a variety of organisations helping employees develop to their full potential; at some point in that journey, they’d hit a block. Something began to hold them back and I know I’ve had to step over some blockers to move forward towards the life I want to lead. It’s a journey – some parts go smoothly, other come with patchy turbulence and others require a rethink on the route.

Here are the 5 common blockers I’ve seen myself and others tackle in order to achieve their goals. Which one is holding you back?

1. Starting

Take the first step. Pass GO. Play the first chord.

Hmm, sometimes it’s not that simple. Beginning can be hard. You might be racked with nerves, unsure of yourself or your decisions or perhaps you’re outside your comfort zone. Getting going will bring you motivation and energy to take the second step and beyond.

Ask yourself:

  • how can I put my fears aside?
  • why do I want this?
  • can I break down this into smaller steps?

2. Continuing

You’ve been working really hard. Spare time is now stretch time. You’ve spent cash, missed nights outs and ditch your old ways. But the results aren’t coming as fast or smoothly as you expected. Your motivation is down, your energy levels are low. You can’t bring yourself to focus on your goal.

Ask yourself:

  • what will life be like when I crack this?
  • am I looking after my wellbeing? (think sleep, rest and recuperation)
  • will I regret stopping now?

3. Changing

Your actions are delivering results. Your behaviours, habits and activities are lining up with your goals, ambitions and vision of your future. Great stuff! The only thing is people are starting to notice the “new” you. Eeek!

Ask yourself:

  • are you attaching un-proportional importance to them and their opinions?
  • are you happy with where your changes are taking you?
  • are you happy with what your changes making you?

4. Failing

You’ve planted your face firmly in ground. Ouch. That stings. Whether a large public screw-up or a small setback, you’re likely to find your confidence a bit sore round the edges and yourself pondering about what next or is it worth it.

Ask yourself:

  • are you human? (Yes? So, let it go as Elsa would say)
  • what can you learn from this?
  • how are you going to approach this differently next time?

5. Succeeding

Wahoooooo! The end is in sight. The checkered flag is waving in the distance. Your new life, career, health and relationships are waiting for you. Oh. What’s that? Cold feet. Doubts creeping in. No longer sure this was the right thing – you could have done all this for nothing better.

Ask yourself:

  • why did you start out on this route in the first place?
  • how can you celebrate and mark your achievements?
  • how can you use this progress to motivate you to achieving your goals?

I hope knowing you’re not alone in finding blockers along your journey and find some leverage in the questions, I’ve suggested. Nor do I want to trivialise the angst, tears and frustrations blockers can bring. I know those too. Keep moving and get round, under, over or through them – the future is waiting for you. And boy! It’s going to be brilliant.

Jump into the comments box – I’d love to know your experience of blockers on your journey. What’s your tactic to moving on? 

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