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a permission note for change

One of the common concerns I come across in my work helping my clients create successful changes in their lives and work is a requirement to be given permission to do whatever it is they are trying to do.

From their wife, husband or partner. From their parents. From their boss and team. From their friends. From me, as their coach or trainer.

Only one person needs to give permission. You. It’s your life and your choices that can lead to you being happier, healthier and more fulfilled. OK, it would be naive of me to suggest things don’t get easier if those nearest and dearest to you are onboard with your stretch plan and outcomes. They just don’t get to give you permission.

So here’s a little something I’d like you to read out loud to yourself, whenever you get triggered to seek permission.

Hey you,

You’d doing great things and the stretch you’re adding into your life, work and play are all for the better. I give you my wholehearted permission to become and be the new you:

  • Step into the right mindset
  • Dress to suit my end goal
  • State who I am going to be, loud and clear
  • Run like no-one is watching
  • Bend or break the rules holding me back
  • Play at work
  • Say yes to what my want
  • Listen to my gut and believe it
  • Question the norm
  • Invite positive people in
  • Take risks
  • To get it wrong on the way
  • To be perfectly imperfect
  • Hold fast to my why
  • Experiment in my how
  • Go outside my comfort zone
  • Serve others, in my work or volunteering
  • Ditch comparing myself to others
  • Give myself time
  • To define my own view of success
  • Spend time with people who light me up
  • Own the room
  • Worry less
  • Try it and see how I go
  • Make my own path
  • Wake up early and stay up late
  • Do the things I love
  • Enjoy my stretch
  • Be happy
  • Be extraordinary
  • Be at my best

You got this.

From me.

Print this out, delete, amend or add your own permission statements and then use this permission note whenever you need to move forward in achieving your goals.

Does the idea of seeking permission resonate with you? What permission statement do you need to give yourself? Share it below and give yourself permission here.

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