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My clients will tell you I enable them to live and work the way they want to, as their Life Coach and Career Coach.

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A Google search will bring up stacks of coaches, in many guises. When you’re not clear what you want to achieve with a coach, it can be really difficult to know what qualities and style you need in that person. It’s much easier to dodge the question and browse to another site, walking away and not taking action a simpler option.

Let’s see if I can make choosing me as your coach, a simple first step towards achieving your goals.

What actually happens in coaching?

It’s a series of conversations with a supportive, positive, non-judgemental person, who really wants you to succeed.

You get to talk freely and openly, with access to a personalised set of specialist resources to create and motivate your new possibilities and ideas. You could sometimes feel anxious and upset or excited and itching to get moving. You will get a greater understanding of you, what works for you and what’s frustrates you, your motivations and values, your desires and direction.

You will also get politely challenged by my investigative questions and use reflective practices to help you discover and explore what’s what for you. You may have a mirror held up to your behaviours, language patterns and current thinking. You’ll be kept real and be encouraged to dream. You’ll get to the heart of things and find ways to move forward in your own way.

What do you bring to this, Sarae?

You could call me the catalyst for your change. I pour my knowledge, talents, energy and intuition into your journey in my genuine, empathetic, inquisitive style. I prove you with a safe, confidential space to share, uncover, build and move ahead with your goals.

I also bring significant experiences, training and skills to the table. My peers refer to me a connection maven; I often know a tool, a website, blogger, organisation or people to support your exploration, understanding and importantly, help you progress.

What can you help me with, Sarae?

I typically work with two signature types of clients in a one to one way:

Life Changers

You are looking to transform your attitude or mindset, shift your work/life balance, step up your confidence or self-belief. You might also be intrigued by your values, beliefs and how they interact with others.

Life Changer clients have included mums returning to their workplaces to find their peers have moved on, people who have experienced a significant life episode (e.g. illness, bereavement or accident) and those who find themselves lacking energy and motivation as their lives are missing a sense of purpose. Within this type of coaching, I use various reflection, exploration and discovery techniques, assessment tools and psychometrics (where appropriate).

Farah Siddiqui-Borland, Goodnessgorgeousme

I was feeling really stuck, at a crossroads in my professional life. I had a couple of good options as far a I could see and was looking for a coach who could give me value, and could relate, coming from a similar background, so there was empathy there too. I chose Sarae immediately.

I felt listened to; the whirring in my head subsided. I’m so pleased she didn’t ask the same old boring coaching questions, which infuriate! It was like a meaningful chat, she was knowledgeable, a breath of fresh air as far as coaching goes, and recommended further helpful information to help me after our session and I felt like she genuinely cared. I felt so much better and am now more confident I will make the best choice for the right reasons.

Thank you so much Sarae!

Career Changers

These usually split into two distinct groups. You could be sure your career path and are seeking to take the next step – perhaps a promotion or lateral move within your existing employer or alternatively, moving to a new employer, region or industry. Alternatively, you may want to explore potential new career paths, more fulfilling roles or employers or ways of working such as freelancing or entrepreneurism.

I’ve worked with these clients to uncover their signature talents and strengths, marry work with their values and ethics, as well as building brand statements and marketing collateral (CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, social media profiles, etc.)

Managing Consultant, PA Consulting

“Sarae has a talent and passion for coaching and helped me cut through to the real blockers, getting in the way of me taking action. She helped me to achieve the ‘a-ha’ moments and develop a plan to make the changes in my career I needed.”

Ready to jump in? Go ahead and let’s get started!

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Want to talk, before taking the plunge? No worries. Drop me a line with a brief outline of your thoughts and let’s speak.

I coach individuals, both privately and through their employers and top talent at the London Business School. I also participated in a SME coaching programme by Southbank Employers Group in partnership with Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring and am working towards my Associated Certified Coach accreditation with the International Coaching Federation. Want to see more of my career and education background? It’s here on my LinkedIn profile.

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