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when I grow up I’m gonna be a…….

Hairdresser? Lorry Driver? Occupational Therapist? Vulcanologist? At some stage, I went through a phase of all of these. I was an engineer for a while, before my wonderful manager recognised my skills in setting a direction, bringing people on board with my ideas and getting stuff done. He pushed me into a new career path, asking me some tough questions, pushing a few buttons and finding me an unusual next step. From then on, my passion has been helping others achieve their goals.

As time’s gone by, this has changed from in-house HR and training roles, serving the wishes of bosses, to working independently with individuals, leaders and teams, who are looking at how they grow, shape and make the future brighter.

One of my favourite coaching topics is the “I wanna be a…….ermmm I’m no longer really sure anymore.” dilemma. The subjects we choose at school and university often shape up into a certain career path and for some that really works out well. If you’re like me (and many others), it’s not until later that with a bit of life under your belt, you realise this isn’t what you signed up for or it’s not making use of your true talents.

So now I’m all grown up and can proudly say I’m a coach, trainer and Pilates Instructor – yep I can help you stretch your body, brain and life into that new shape you’re seeking. Drop me a line to start your next big adventure.

Share in the comments below; what did you want to be and how’d it work out?

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to b or not to b……

Hmm well that really is the question. If you’re reading this, like me you probably want to change things up, add a little spice, find some new spark to get you re-invigorated and are ready for your next big thing. You’re no longer not to b – now you’re got to b.

For about 3 or 4 years, I harboured a dirty little secret – I loved what I did as a job, yet I kinda hankered to do it my way. But the fear of going it alone, paying my bills, what others might think and so on all kept me running the corporate treadmill.

I began a steady exit out of the corporate front door and into working for myself. I enrolled on various Pilates courses and now work with clients seeking to change their bodies. I wrap up my motivational, empathetic coaching style, a knack for problem solving and get them active. Within weeks, they are smiling and moving more freely with less pain.

These same skills also enable me to work as a career and life coach. Jumping ships, breaking the glass ceilings or returning after a break, I’ve helped clients build business cases, confidence and more to gain their desired results. Experience in the UK and overseas in a wide variety of business fields gives me a wealth to draw from and help interpret how best to support you.

So I’ve made the move out of the corporate world – yes I still have bills to pay, but I absolutely love working with people to achieve their dreams and passions in my own unique way.

Are you ready to b? If so, get in touch and let me add some stretch to your life – I’m here to help.

What’s your dirty little secret? What do you hanker to do? And what stops you taking action? Let me know in the comments below.

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