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improve your PB with Pilates!

Andy Murray Facebook timeline post image

Murray’s Facebook photo celebrating his Wimbledon win!

How amazing has the last 12 months been for GB sports? We had Wiggo and now Froome in the Tour de France, some cracking Olympic feats and not to mention my world record breaking Big Blue Kick (ok me and 800+ others doing a synchronised Taekwondo routine in aid of Barnardos). Did you know Andy Murray includes it in his training programme? Should you?

Cyclists can forget saddle sores and increase their stamina and power, by building a stronger powerhouse of core muscles. They stop you wobbling left to right over your saddle and help you channel all that wasted effort onto the road.

Golfers can smoooooooth out their swing with a solid, yet rotationally flexible core as well as hit with greater accuracy through improved shoulder stability.

And what about runners? Tight hamstrings, IT bands and quads? Yep, Pilates builds your core for power transmission to the road and gives you easy to remember warm up and cool down stretches to protect your muscles and ease away any tightness.

And not forgetting accelerating your serve and strengthening your backhand return. It works for Andy – it can work for you too!

So for the mega fit – does your fitness activity include training on body control and awareness? If not, add Pilates – in 6 or so sessions, you can learn how to tune into your core and achieve more from your favourite sports, gym or fitness routine.

And for those of you who enjoy perhaps a few too many hours of watching sports on TV, Pilates is a gentle way to begin your new fitness programme. You’ll build flexibility and strength, as well as growing your body awareness, co-ordination and your confidence.

Ready to raise your bar? Book now for an assessment or arrange a technique Where are you looking for better results? Hit them into court below in the comments and I’ll do my best to cheer you on!class and shave a few seconds off your record, whilst increasing your lifespan!

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