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fear – move with it (part 2)

Last week’s b-mail looked at doing with your fears and leaving them behind you. That’s an ok strategy if they are holding you back, but what if they are driving you forward?

When looking at what future “you” is doing, enjoying and living, you could be driven by a fear that pushes you out of your comfort zone and motivates your actions. And can help you create new habits – ways of being and doing.

A real tangible example is when you begin to change the way you look after your body. Completing workouts with energy left over for more fun with your family and friends, then “falling off the wagon”.

You miss a few sessions and your hard work starts to come undone, but you’ve had a taste of the good stuff (endorphins, the happy hormone) followed by those old feelings – you sleep less well, the wobbly bits get a bit more wobbly again and your energy drops. You love those new feelings and the results you see. Fear that you’ll return to your old ways keep you accountable.

Or perhaps, you’re studying a programme that will enable you to switch jobs or career paths. It’s a gate keeper – no certificate, no go. But it’s haaaaaard. Fitting in study around your hectic diary and the many demands on your time. Plus you know that you are gonna rock that new job, take your new field up to a whole new benchmark. Fear that you’ll never see those new highs, because of a few missed hours study, makes you shift your priorities and build support from those around you to maximise your time.

To help you understand and harness your changes, I’ve created a little worksheet for you to download and keep handy. It seeks to help you understand your change or stretch in more depth and give you the drivers to help you move with your fear.

Download your copy here.

What fear is driving you on to you goal? How do you harness its power? Share your fear moving tactics in the comments.

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