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why you should be coworking

Have you got a big project or task on your to-do list right now? And probably an ongoing niggle to resolve. And you need find someone to delegate out your not-so-great-at stuff or provide you with some expert guidance. And you need refuelling – a coffee, Earl Grey tea or green smoothie. Plus it would be good to get a bit of fresh air and movement to your day.

Where are you working? Your sofa? Corner of your spare room? Kitchen table? Or your local free wifi pub or cafe? These are all great options, however every now and again, you need to add a bit of variety! I want to explain why I think you should be coworking.

You’ll be networking without any effort, no pretence, no hard selling tactics – just building great relationships with people like us. People with personal and professional ambitions AND a genuine desire to see others succeed alongside them. Let me tell you why b-more’s growing community will deliver you solutions, energy and joy.

A source of inspiration

Need new ideas on how to tackle an issue? Ask a b-more attendee.

Need a different perspective to understand how others do something? Ask a b-more attendee.

Need to learn a skill or piece of knowledge? Ask a b-more attendee.

At b-more, we include a short Q&A session when you can ask for help, guidance and support.

Calling for collaboration

Whether you need an extra pair of hands in your business, a peer’s insight to help you build a product, service or deliverable or simply a sounding board, you’ll find them through coworking.

Formal collaborations might include joint ventures, becoming an associate or employing someone directly. This gives you access to fresh content, fresh options and potentially more time to focus elsewhere.

Informal collaboration could be a chance to pick the brain of someone else on that niggling concern, asking to rehearse a key conversation or getting an independent point of view on something you’re too close to see straight anymore!

At b-more, you can use the short “show and tell” session to voice your request to find the right person in the room or get connected to an absent friend.

Broaden your horizons

Working in isolation, you can have a lightbulb moment of a new possibility but it’s also easy to get a little doubtful that you’re heading the right way. Either way, your head ends up spinning on the same few thoughts and the fog thickens. The relationships you build at b-more will provide you with safe, trusted advice and motivation to help pin down your next step.

Add to that additional PR, as your b-more peers share your new line or product. You’ll find yourself connected to a wider pool of potential customers and new revenue streams.

What are you waiting for?  Join us at b-more and be part of a supportive, energetic group who want you to be successful! Meet-ups are usually about 5-6 hours long, with 2 short breaks to shift our eye’s focus off the screens and onto “show and tell” or Q&A, plus a social celebration of being together, our successes and our efforts!

The next b-more meet-up is on Tuesday 10th June at Timberyard, near the Seven Dials and Covent Garden. Reserve your seat here: http://www.b-elastic.com/home/b-more-coworking/

Can’t make that date, but want to hear about the next one? Sign up in the sidebar box on the same page 🙂

Not in London? Don’t worry – check out  UK Jelly, the home of coworking all over the country. Search by locations and you’ll see your options pop up in front of you.

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