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luck vs hard work

One of the things I hear when people are having a difficult time of things, or they see someone else doing better with seemingly little effort, is

“Aren’t they lucky?”

I’m not sure I buy into that. I think it’s more a state of mind. One of optimism. Half glass full. Anything is possible.

If trying something is risking failure. If telling others your ambitions is opening yourself up to possible ridicule. If changing direction is potentially stepping in the poop. If taking action means that voice in your head has the opportunity to talk you down. I reckon it’s time to shift your mindset and perspective.

With all those negative messages running around your mind, it’s not luck you’re missing. It’s a spot of hard work to switch in new supportive, positive messages. Try these 7 Luck Rules for you:

  1. Learn what’s working well for you and what’s not. Only don’t just list them, unpick them – if you understand the why and the how, you will make your hard work pay off faster
  2. Wear a positive outward expression and posture. Smile more and stand tall to release those great hormones whilst reducing the stress inducing ones.
  3. Open your eyes to unexpected and unusual opportunities. Don’t get hung up on the perfect way, if another presents itself.
  4. Start before you’re ready. Waiting leads to procrastination and luck stepping out. Get moving and you’ll enjoy the effects….waheyyyy your ball is rolling!
  5. Bring others onboard. The road traveled with friends is always a better journey and they often bring good stuff with them, like more friends, snacks and advice.
  6. Know you have permission to do whatever it takes. Forget about seeking approval and acceptance – it will come along the way.
  7. Last one…..here’s the tough talk. Take responsibility for your actions. If you want it, work your butt off to get it.

So the buck stops here. None of these are easy. Nor are they luck vs hard work. Hard work generates luck.

How are you going to work hard and build more luck into your life? Do you have a Luck Rule to help us? Share them in the comments.

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