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midyear is here!

Check your calendar. It’s June already – midyear is here! Time has this crazy flexible nature when going through change in your life, career or relationships.

Back in December, we worked together to build your 2014 vision, plans and goals. Now it’s time to check back in with them to ensure you’re on track or if not, what needs to shift.

Dig out your worksheets, print out some new planner sheets and schedule yourself a few hours to invest in your stretch this week. (Can’t find the planners – look no further: monthly, weekly and daily or if you joined b-mails in 2014, don’t despair! Download the improved workbook here.)

Start back at the beginning: what are you seeking to change? Jot that down or draw a vivid picture. Pop this in front of you to keep it at the front of your mind as you complete your update.

Worksheet 1 was Review 2013 (now Chapter 1 Review your last 12 months). Refresh your memory on your reflections – the highs and lows. Repeat the exercises again for January to June – how have things moved and adapted?

Number 2 was Decode 2013 (now Chapter 2 Decode your year). What insights did you get about yourself, what is really important to you and the gaps you want to close? Looking at the last 6 months, have these changed or do you have more to inform your goals.

The third, Prioritise 2013 (now Chapter 3 Prioritise your goals) asked you to create real clarity of vision and future success on your terms. You related each prioritised goal to your values and beliefs. Do these definitions and associated values and beliefs still hold true? Having got 6 months into your change, do you want or need to amend them?

Our last worksheet was Activate 2014 (now Chapter 4 Activate your next steps) came with the 3 planners. You broke down your goals into manageable steps, identified and mitigated any potential risks before scheduling in your steps in your planners and developing your own mantras and life rules to help motivate you to your future! Have you stuck to your plans? Have the mantras and life rules supported you in the good and the bad times?

I’m here cheering you on whatever you are seeking to do, change or become. I’m 100% positive you can do it. Need something extra from me to get you there – you just need to reach out. Here in the comments. Over on Twitter or Facebook. Jump over to my  Get in touch page and write me a message. Buy a set of coaching sessions. Attend b-more and work with me and a group of likeminded peers. You can do it!

Use the comments to share and celebrate how far you’ve come in the last 6 months. I’m looking forward to some serious whooping and cheering!! 🙂

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