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feather rufflers – who’s yours?

What’s a feather ruffler? It’s someone who gets others to get off their butts to take action and make changes. We need a good feather ruffler in our lives.

Yes, we’ve all come across feather rufflers who bang their drum, push their ideas on you or poke in places they’ve got no right or permission to do so. They expel a lot of time and air on a mostly one way dialogue.

So, what a makes a good one?

The best feather rufflers do it with positive intent. The ones who hold you in high regard and believe in you having the life, relationships, health and career you aspire to. These are the mentors, bosses, friends and coaches who ask that difficult question, point out what’s in your blind spot or offer the genuine reality check.

They provide the voice of reason, the shoulder of support, the ear of a confidante and a good old fashion boot up the **** when you need one.

How do they do this without losing face or rapport with you? How do they time their inputs to maximise the effect? How do they maintain the energy and passion for your stretch?

They make the exchange all about you. Their focus is singular – it’s you. The goals and directions they seek to support are yours. The emotions they want to understand and resolve are yours.

Take a few minutes now to consider:

1. In which areas of your life or career, do you have a feather ruffler?

2. What is it that they do, say or are, which enables and empowers you?

3. Are there any other parts of your life or career that you need to find a feather ruffler for?

4. Who can you be a brilliant feather ruffler for? (After all, what goes around, comes around!)

I’d love to hear from you today in the comments; where do you need a good ruffler and for whom will you be volunteering to ruffle?

PS If you need a firm, but compassionate feather ruffler to invigorate your life or career stretch – you know where to find me. OR perhaps your body is in need of a good ruffling, book a Pilates class or postural assessment with me.

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