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keep those butterflies at bay

You might remember a post a few months back about cost free or super cheap ways to invest in your capabilities, where I shared some online, book and downloads to boost you to a whole new level. (Oh you’re new round here – no sweat, here it is. Enjoy!)

Did you take a leap? Pick a course? Complete a “how to”? Or maybe read about a new perspective?

Well, you know me – I believe in authenticity and have just completed another of my 2014 new learning experiences. What was great is we got the results on the day – phew, passed that one. I’m completing my case study assignment on another and waiting for the results of my Coursera “Neurobiology for every day life”.


I’ve TOTALLY loved Professor Peggy’s teaching, her humour and ease at bringing extremely complex (and sometimes stomach churning!) materials to life. It’s given me a great knowledge basis to work from as both a coach and as a Pilates Instructor. The online tests went pretty well (ok, bar one but heck, I’m not a medical student or practitioner!)

But OMG! The wait for my final project submission to come back with a pass or fail is KILLING ME!!

Now I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s waiting on the outcome of something and trying to keep those butterflies at bay. Job interview. A promotion. Performance review. Proposal to a loved one. Selling or buying a new home. Safe and healthy birth of a child.

How you coping? Nail biting? Hitting the gin? Ripping up the roads as you run or cycle it out? Here’s what I’m doing to settle my nerves. I look at what happens around the answer, result or decision point.

My first and firm favourite is to stop, centre myself and just breath slowly and deeply into my ribs. This takes me out of the chaos or distractions around me and allows me to ditch stale air and replenish my body and brain with lovely fresh oxygen rich air. Now I’m ready to dig in to try to work out how I can best handle the outcome, whatever it is.

To help you do this, I’ve made you this easy worksheet to learn what’s making those butterflies so active. Download yours here: butterflies at bay worksheet

Got another way to handle feeling nervous and calm your butterflies? Share them in the comments.

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