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2014 in review

So if you’re following last week’s 10 things to do in December b-mail, you’ve been awaiting this week’s to answer your no. 10 spot. Here it is.

The tenth thing I would love you to do is invest in yourself and your future success and happiness by reviewing 2014. I’m splitting this into two parts – this week is pages 1 – 12 and next week is pages 13 – 29.

Woozers, Sarae I’m busy right now, I don’t have time for all that.

Don’t worry. I hear you. You can break it down again, pages 1-6, 7-12, 13-19 and 20-29 plus you can dig in and come back later to refine. It’s not a giant Christmas buffet to be eaten in one sitting. Slow down Rudolph. Take your time. You’re worth it.

Let’s look at the first two chunks that look back at 2014.

To review 2014 holistically, I’ve designed a number of different mini reflections to enable you to gain the broadest complete sense of how the year has been. It looks at the eight big areas in all our lives and your satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) in those areas. It draws upon both what you’ve done and how you did them as well as your emotions and feelings around them.

Naturally, I’m suggesting that you look at what didn’t happen and why. You need to uncover what blockers and barriers were hindering you – these could be your own or perhaps others’ or the context that you were in.

How to fill it in? Print it out (use A3 if you’ve got big writing like me!), grab some pens and a good brew. Put on a soothing background track and dive in. To gain the most from this, I’d encourage you to be open and honest with yourself – yet be kind and generous with yourself. What do I mean by this? State the facts as well as keeping in mind, you’re human and the world spins in odd ways sometimes.  Good things take hard work and effort.

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Download your workbook here: b-elastic | 2014 in review

Next week, I’ll introduce the second half of the workbook, which focuses your mind and heart into what you want from 2015.

Don’t forget to share any a-ha moments or any questions you have in the comments. If it’s personal, drop me an email and I’ll come back to you and you alone.

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