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get ready for 2015

Not long now and we’ll be in full festive mode. I really hope you found time to invest in your 2015, by reviewing how 2014 has been for you in the last week. (If not, go back to last week’s b-mail and start when you’re ready.)

Last week’s chunks enabled you to review what has gotten you to today and how you’ve felt about that, as well as what challenges, blocks and hiccups along the way. You began to reflect on what you’d like vs what you got.

So turn to page 13 and together, we’ll get ready for 2015. Again, you can do this in one sitting or split it in two. (p13-19 and p20-p29)

The first part seeks to expand you thinking in order to develop and grow your initial ideas into new areas, more depth and greater clarity. With these, you’ll then build a set of goals and find an associated value or belief to enhance the goal.

Next, prioritise and assess your goals into a workable plan of actions. To assist with this, I’ve described 2 parallel methods – pick the one which works best for your brain; it depends which “end” you like to work from or to. I’ve included 6 goal tables to complete this method with – if you need more, just print out another page.

The assessment phase forms a mindmap of warning bells; the blockers, barriers and emotional gulps that could stand in your way. By recognising them now, you will be better able to spot them in 2015 and tackle them positively and successfully.

And we’re heading towards the finishing line! It’s time to schedule and diarise your actions, milestones and celebrations!! Lots of you wrote to say you really valued using the b-elastic planners last year to do your action planning, so here’s my second December gift for you – 2015 planners, which have been updated, improved and added to.

get ready for 2015

A teeny sneak preview 🙂

Download your copy here.

Once your goals are blended into your 2015 diaries, take a glass of wine or pot of tea and celebrate your investment in yourself, your future and your brilliant 2015!

I really hope that the 2014 in Review workbook and the 2015 planners are a pleasure to complete and enable you to build towards a truly amazing 2015. I’d love to hear from you about your goals, your actions and of course, how I can be of help, inspiration and support to you. Drop them in the comments.

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