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Get ready for success – planners, stationery and more

Following on from last week’s “me time” activities, I wanted to pick up on another of the things I do (and rejoice in) to make sure I’m on track to balancing the musts and shoulds with the a big of stretch and fun.


There I said it. Give me a wall planner, family calendar, diary or online app. I just love planning! (And don’t forget, I always gift you a series of day, week, monthly and year planners to print and share for Christmas!)Balancing my various work and life activities, I needed to upgrade my planning this year.

At my side, come rain or shine is my lovely Erin Condren planner. I introduce you to these last year in my planner review and took the plunge this year and invested in a tailored, eye-candy pleasing life planner. It’s a heavyweight holistic book of loveliness – offering uplifting quotes, gratitude reminders and a wealth of repositionable stickers.

I love Whitney English’s printables for plotting out hour by hour tasks such as writing up coaching notes, report editing, b-mail drafting and so on. Time boxing is effective for me to push through and achieve more. I print two side by side on an A4 page, block out my plans on the left and my actual outcomes on the right. Whitney’s well known day planners have also been revamped for 2016 and are well worth checking out.

Building on last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign, the Passion Planner is due to December dispatch dates! Again like last year, you can trial the different sizes and layouts here. I’m still a big fan of the insightful goal and purpose worksheets included in the planner.

Need something more handbag friendly (aka light) I like how Inkwell Press lets you order their planner in one book or 4 quarters.

I’m massively drawn to colour and layout, but also need to be able to flex my plans as life whirls around me. To do this, I’ve got a colour coded breakdown on the inside cover of my EC planner – red for deadlines, blue for clients, baby blue for family, limey green for friends, orange for things just for me and so on. I use Frixion erasable pens – the roller ball gels are neat and tidy, but the felt tip ones are bolder and more playful.

Etsy is a brilliant source of dashboards, sticker and page markers. Fave shops for me are: Crossbow Printables, Dubu Dumo and Planneresque.

Looking at my iphone and ipad, I’m falling out of love with the Apple options and toying with trialing Planner Plus, Pocket Informant HD or Daily notes apps. I’m not sure how I might use these yet and key features for me are easy to use, shareable calenders and colour coding.

OK enough about me and my planning goodies. I’d really like to hear how you’ve used the 2015 planners and what you’d like from the 2016 ones. Drop me a line or add a comment below and I’ll be sure to try to better make them serve you and your stretch in 2016.

Credit: Post image from Erin Condren site. (Just soooo beautiful)

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