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wrapping up 2015 – a year in review

Is it just me or has 2015 flown by? Was it really twelve months ago that we were here discussing our 2014s and hopes for 2015? Seriously, time has gone by in a flash! I’m pretty sure December is going to be fun filled, fast flowing month too.

I’m taking stock myself of my 2015 at home, at work, with family and with clients. Some things remain a pure positive in my life, some sad and some are a “kick in the butt” motivator for next year’s plans. The consistent feeling they evoke in me looking back is a sense of gratitude for those in my life, intense pride in what I’ve done and supported and real clarity about what I stand for.

This year has brought me challenges with projects, clients, relationships – as well as absolute joys with them too. I’ve worn myself out meeting them, had sleepless nights, shared successes and can look backwards knowing I gave my all. Let me give you a flavour of some of these:

  • with an inspirational collaborator, I’ve helped define and design a new way of delivering learning to accelerate career management skills (we’ll be flipping their classrooms in 2016!)
  • using neuroscience-based training, I’ve supported the development of leaders in various organisations
  • I’ve enabled 100s to go and meet others to enhance their lives, work and career opportunities, by creating certainty and confidence in their relationship building skills
  • in partnership with my coachees, we’ve crafted life principles to support life and career changes
  • at home, we’ve grown as a family and I’m bursting with love for how each day brings a new insight into what the kids’ future holds
  • my crafty side has been reawakened – sewing sock animals, cake decorating, sketching, word play. Who knew I was good at this stuff! I just needed a playmate

Next year’s clarity is about offering more for you to help push through your career dilemmas, your well-being questions and life stretch ambitions. My intention is to do this in ways that respect the time you’ve got available, give you pragmatic ways ahead and ongoing a-has, inspiration and motivation to see you over the line, whilst integrating family and friends in a more balanced way.

I’d love to create the same sort of looking back to look forward activity for you too – you might say a “your year in review” self-reflection piece. Do this and see what comes up for you. Grab a paper and pen, brew up a drink, find a comfortable spot and be honest, yet kind to yourself in your responses.

  1. list out the important areas in your life (career, family, me, etc.)
  2. in your mind, run through the months and jot down what happened in each area – small, large, important, emotion-generating, smile raising, tear jerking. All good.
  3. Reflect on your writings. What leaps out at you? Pick out the enlightening actions or moments and what drained you, your head, your heart and your body?
  4. craft your intentions for 2016. What will you stand for? What will drive you towards your future happiness?

I’m a big believer in using intentions to guide, define and support action planning, decision making and finding opportunities to thrive. For me, this is a visual process of gathering images, quotes and manifesto type words into one place and using this to generate mind maps of possibilities, checking them for ups and downs, resource and time planning. This externalisation allows me to really see what’s in my mind and to share it with others – to gain perspective, to drill deeper, to seek support.

I really hope this short ” year in review” exercise gives you some learning on how your 2015 has been and ignites your 2016. I’d love to be a part of your 2016, nurture your ambition and fuel your success. Either drop me an email or leave a comment on what you need, want or would value from me.

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