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reJUNEviate your 2014 plans – actions and plans

Welcome to the third and final part of the reJUNEviate your plans series! How fast has this month gone! (Need to get your hands on the workbook and first parts – click here: workbook, mind and body.) By now, I hope you’ve been able to review and refine your stretch goals and plan then reJUNEviate  yourself using the little visual reminders.

Or in other words, you know where you’re heading and you’re ready to go. Good luck, have fun and see you on the other side. Oh, what’s that? You’re finding it hard to take the next step? You’re stuck on starting. That’s what this 3rd b-mail will help you resolve.

1.) Being ready is never going to happen.

Let’s be honest here. No-one is ever completely ready. Whether it’s a big exam, a big day or a big client. You can always do a bit more, invest more time, read more, learning more, practice more. Get to a point where you’ve mitigated the risks, build enough of a skill or knowledge set to succeed and start. You can fine tune as you go.

2. Set midpoint milestones.

Your end goal is probably pretty big and a touch daunting. Walk back from there and set some realistic goals. I’m working hard at increasing awareness of b-more right now at events I’m attending. My end goal is to have every seat full and a waitlist of people, who are desperate to attend. I’ve found going to events with that in mind, I get tongue-tied and overly focussed on explaining b-more and coworking. Attending with a goal of meeting some lovely people and inviting those, who I’ve gelled with and I think would be a great community member, really helps me. I’m more positive about achieving this AND the b-more community gets great new additions.

3. Understand your excuses.

What is behind you saying “tomorrow, I’ll……” or “when X happens, I’ll do Y” or “If only I had more cash for this”. Hmmmm as a coach, I’m pondering what’s actually behind this, why are you saying this? Must you act tomorrow or could you make a tiny move today? Can you control X or is this a waiting game? How much cash is enough or is there an alternative cash-free way? Don’t accept your excuses – look behind them and address that to move yourself on.

4. Ask for help.

There is no shame in saying, “I can’t do this alone. This is my talent. Can you help me please?” Whether this is a favour from a mate or an expert you need to pay. Removing a blocker in this way can help you focus on where your sweet spot is and reignite your progress. Think creative! Arrange a skill swap – my cake baking for your kid’s birthday for your whizzy web coding. Or join a group or class – build a study group or find an accountability partner. Can move on? Drop me a line and we can arrange a rapid consultation or longer coaching plan.

5. Try something different.

Super important for life style or behavioural changes. Trying to trim your waist, eat healthier or be more active in your day, yet bored of the same recipes or routines. Ditch ‘em. Do something different. Switch Pilates for Zumba. Google your favourite ingredient for a new meal. Go to a different venue to practice your skills. Meet new people, doing whatever you’re looking to accomplish.

6. Acknowledge how far you’ve come!

It’s not just the final shift, but all those along the way. Getting to here and now is already an achievement. You’re reading a blog about taking action, on a website all about creating stretch and change in your life. Now take action, print or pin this visual reminder alongside the last two – keep them in sight to embed them into your plan and go out there and rock your world!

reJUNEvenate - actions SM image

Keep us in the loop in the comments. Happy to play accountability partner to your action. What’s your next step and when will you have completed it?

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