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reJUNEviate your 2014 plans – body

(Missed the workbook or part 1? Download them here and here)

This week, I want to share some ideas on how to reJUNEviate your health and fitness through a few tweaks to your day to day. Plus there’s another little visual reminder to add to your notebook, noticeboard or pin on Pinterest boards.

Let’s start simple.

1. Improve your posture – stand or sit tall

I have to admit to having a cheeky internal smile when I complete a first Pilates class with a client, showing them what better posture looks like in the mirror and they say….

[Tweet “”Wow I look somehow taller and slimmer” – yep, that’s what Pilates can do for you.”]

Imagine you have a string coming from the crown of your head and you’re being gently pulled upwards – you’ll raise up out of your slouchy spinal position, be able to breath more deeply and your core will be mildly engaged. Doing this regularly can have a long term impact on your back – putting off future troubles – and on your self image.

2. Check your food groups – eat the rainbow

I’m not about to promote a particular diet fad. I simply don’t believe in them having a long term impact. I do encourage you to keep a food diary – a simple page in a book, a memo on your smartphone or a quick email to yourself and check the balance you’ve got between the major food groups (carbs, proteins and fats) and the balance between fresh and ready made products. For example, too many processed foods will tip you over your daily salt and sugar intake, as well as high levels of fats and carbs with poor protein, vitamins and mineral sources.

Think of the rainbow colours – brown and white aren’t there. Add more red berries, juicy plums, green leaves, bluey purple aubergines and sunshiny citrus fruits. You get the idea!

3. Move it or lose it – mind/body connection

Not some woo-woo mumbo jumbo. Hardcore fact. You can improve your muscle strength (the force it can output) with just one exercise session. Yep that’s how great your brain and muscle connection is. Keep using it and you’ll develop longer, bulky muscles with reduced fat as well as better heart health.

Start slow – if you’re anxious, seek out a professional, for example, your doctor, a physio, a REPS registered trainer. Then keep going. This is way easier if you build exercise in with others and by doing something fun.

Personally, I hate running (scarred by school cross country in the rain wearing giant green knickers!), but love a dance based class like Zumba.

4. Get more sleep – recovery is smart

Whilst you’re dreaming of wonderful things, your body is repairing the day’s damage and restoring its balance by flushing out toxins and replacing them with good stuff, like glycogen. It’s also a chance for your body to remove the pressure on your joints, including your spine. Make sure your mattress is firm, you don’t get too hot or too cold and that your head is properly supported.

Try to build a regular bedtime routine – tricky with a busy life, I know – what works for you? A long bath, reading a book or listening to a play on the radio. Maybe lavender oil on your pillow or a hot cocoa. Just 30 minutes extra sleep will deliver real benefits.

5. Invest in professional care – head to toe

Visit a sports massage therapist, physiotherapist or osteopath to get your skeleton and muscles checked out, even if you’re not a budding Olympian. Checking your feet with a podiatrist, getting your annual optician’s appointment or seeing your dentist are all wise long term investments in your body and wellbeing. They can all pick up direct and indirect health concerns – for example, podiatrists can spot circulation issues and opticians detect blood pressure issues.

6. Dress the part – look good, feel good

This is key especially if you work from home or are the “visual aid” to your job (think receptionist, teacher, movie icon…). Get out of old, over washed clothes and into ones that make you feel good. Switch blacks and greys for bright colours – be bold, or start with your accessories – a tie or scarf, socks and shoes can all add a little more oomph to you. For big occasions, if you’re not 100% sure of the dress code, ask or hire a stylist. (I love Dean St Society’s Hilary Rushford’s great advice on blending the high street with key expensive pieces with a twist of individuality)

And take those compliments on the chin – you look gorgeous!

Now download this little reminder and start the reJUNEviation of your body and health! (Don’t forget to pin me!)

reJUNEvenate - body SM image

Add any extra ways you find valuable in the comments – I’d love to learn some new ones!

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